Meet Anista Limited
Who We Are

We exist to help you succeed

Anista Marketing and Events Limited is a foremost management and solution-driven company with clients in the FMCG’s, entertainment, sports, fashion & beauty, and corporate sectors. Though we attract a broad range of clients from a variety of entities, we specialize in helping companies connect with their consumers. Our talented team of over 50 professionals in Jos, Abuja and Anambra possesses the skills to expose brands through top of the awareness campaigns.

At Anista we use events and audiences as back drop to create emotional attachments with products and brands. We offer near perfect execution in our services and we take pride in having a cutting edge in comparison to other marketing companies. We stay abreast of the latest market trends

We are committed to fulfilling clients’ needs and expectations.


Our Mission

Contributing valued added service anchored on strategic partnership and mutual respect


Our Vision

To become the foremost Marketing and Events Company in Nigeria and indeed the world



When we started Anista Limited a few years ago; it was with a single goal to be one of the first names that companies run to when a need arises to bring a product or service to the knowledge of customers.

Back then, I envisaged that in doing what we set out to do, we must ensure that every service we offer our clients adds value to their businesses. I was of the belief that, in doing so, we would establish everlasting friendship between ourselves and our clients.

I am proud to report that Anista Limited has achieved all these in its short existence and even much more with a group of motivated and well trained staff.

Consequently, I pledge on my honor that when you trust us with your marketing and event needs; you will surely have a reason to return to us again.

I look forward to doing business with you; we would surely remain friends after our first deal.


Over the years, we have serviced the cream of Nigerian Society from governments, corporate and individuals.
The following are some of our corporate clients.