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Jos the Plateau State capital is not only known as the home of peace and tourism but also the home and center of talented beings, people who dream big in their various field especially in the entertainment field. 

Over the years the state ‘JTown’ has berthed the enviable careers of talents like Tu-Baba, Jeremiah Gyang, Mi Abaga, P-square, M I , Ice Prince, Izu Ojukwu, Osama, Ali Nuhu, FunnyBone, Just to mention a few. Given that the state has successfully been a startup for most entertainers who are well recognized in Nigeria today brings us to the question as to why entertainment has not evolved into a viable business like it is been done in other parts of the country. 

In past years the atmosphere created in the entertainment scene here in Jos was very poor, and despite the abundance of talent it has being a field  whereby entertainers hide and die with their God given talent and then the few who survived it are super outstanding giving the struggle they had to pass through while building.


This has even gone a notch higher with so many successful entertainers refusing to acknowledge and identify with ‘Jtown’ as a whole because they feel that back home the structure is nothing to write about and that entertainment has not evolved and is not supported as it should.


The success story of a “JTown” Artist

Panshak Zamani better known by his stage name Ice Prince, is one of Nigeria’s top hip hop recording artist and actor. He rose to fame after releasing “Oleku”, one of Nigeria’s most remixed songs of all time. 

Ice Prince was born Panshak Henri Zamani (born 30 October 1986), grew in the city of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. While residing in Jos, he attended St. Murumba College. He also attended the Science Tutorial College in Jos. 


In 1999, he began writing rap songs and started performing them at social events held at his school.


It was not until 2001 that he began going to studios to record. In 2004, he connected with M.I, Jesse Jagz, Ruby, Lindsey, Eve, Taz, and together they became what is now known today as the “Loopy Crew”. During an interview, Ice Prince was asked to summarize his story.


He said “I started out in Jos in a group called ECOMOG squad. We used to rap and sing together. The group split up after a few years and after that, I joined the choir in my church and started singing Tenor.


I had a song that made it to Number one in Jos that was when I started getting more attention. Then I got admitted into University of Jos to study Zoology but then I couldn’t really continue because of some financial constraint at the time.”


He said “life was not that rosy. When my dad was alive, life was pretty much rosy but I lost my father in 1999 and it was my mother that was taking care of me up until she died too. So it was it was really tough.


I dropped out of school in my 100Level to focus on my music. I moved to Abuja and started living with MI and Jesse Jagz. We were making music, doing some ‘small small’ shows just to get money.


 Then we moved to Lagos, gradually, there was steady growth. We got our own place, started making music.”


The story brings us back to a reality that 70% of the talented kids are from poor homes and have had to struggle through life with little or no available platform to showcase themselves.


Ice Prince has grown to be one of the most successful artistes to come out of Jos. He won the 2009 Hennessy Artistry Club Tour. His achievements include one BET Award, one Ghana Music Award, three The Headies Awards, two Nigeria Entertainment Awards and two Channel O Music Video Awards. Ice Prince is currently in Lagos and still remains a top performer in Nigeria.


The role of  Anista in Plateau entertainment 


Anista Marketing And Events Limited being a foremost management and solution-driven company has played a vital role in entertainment on the plateau. Anista has identified the fact that the entertainment industry is the third largest employer of labour around the world, and it has contributed meaningfully to the development of the nation. 


Anista since it debuted on the Plateau with clients in the FMCG’s, entertainment, sports, fashion and corporate sectors has used entertainment as a major driving force within our community as a tool at identifying, developing, encouraging and exposing the abundance of raw talents preponderant in Jos, Plateau State.


The Anista brand is playing a major role in the resurgence of entertainment on the Plateau, being part of recent top entertainment events held on the Plateau, such as Return of the Kings Event, Jos Rocks 2015 and 2016. Jos Chillin Event, Jos Carnival and a host of others.


The brand has in more ways thrown its support for the return of entertainment activities pulling together its wide range of expertise and resources most times at no cost. 

Ms Patience Bolcit the CEO of Anista Marketing and Events Limited, said “we have over the years been doing our best to support entertainment and we will continue to do more as we see it as our social/corporate responsibility to the people, especially to the youth’’.


Anista is ever ready to provide near perfect execution and planning of all events, marketing and managing both local and international events. With services cutting across; DJ and Sound equipments, Concert stage and truss, Concert lights, Smoking machines,  Moving heads,  Roadshow trucks, Event tents and canopies etc..


Back To The Roots Concert At The Jos Trade Fair

Anista Marketing and Events Limited being the consultants of the Jos Trade Fair, starting from 2016 till date has come as a blessing for entertainment on the Plateau.


This is because Anista in its ideals has pulled all available resources to reposition and recognize home grown talents on the Plateau, encouraging them by providing one of the biggest stage platforms.


A daily concert tagged “Back To The Roots” has been staged with music performances, comedy acts, dance and more. A classical rundown of performances from some A-List artistes with regional appeal with predominantly promising ‘jtown’ artistes 


At first it is easy to say that Jos is the home of talents but when you have 17days of exceptional entertainment performances with a minimum of 15 acts daily, one will easily wonder if you can get well over 250 talents who can deliver top notch performances and entertain the multitude that turns up at the Jos Trade Fair concert ground.


 This unique platform provided by Anista has shown that it is a fact that a multitude of talent abound in Plateau state and with the right motivation like Anista is doing, it is only a matter of time and Jos will evolve as the entertainment haven in Nigeria. The talents hunt and dance competitions have gone a long way to encourage youths with interest in entertainment. At the 2017 Jos Trade Fair Concert a Rap Battle winner was rewarded with N100,000. This was enough to facilitate a studio production for him (Busta Max) and is currently doing well in music. 


 The business of entertainment on the Plateau 

The Entertainment industry is full of creativities and potential that is capable of developing a country.


The industry has removed millions of youths off the streets and also contributed meaningfully to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), little wonder it is the third largest employer of labour around the world.


Entertainment has been identified as one of the greatest tools available to advertisers, as such brands could easily use such platforms like the Jos Trade Fair “Back To The Roots Concert” to showcase goods, services and make brand appeal.


It is an easy avenue to socialize with youths and get their minds consciously awoken. The government can also use such medium to communicate peace and promote unity.


With the abundance of talents on the Plateau, it is such a shame that a lucrative venture like Artiste Management and Record label ownership is not yielding much.


Apart from the aspect of production, management is another problem as most Jos artistes own personal record label (self manager). This makes everything hard for them.


The success story of Ice Prince has shown that with a proper management structure more talents will be discovered and it will make for a ready available platform for the rise of true performers.


Investors can always recoup their investment afterwards.

It is no hidden secret that the people in Plateau State have a thing for entertainment and relaxation, little wonder it is the home of peace and tourism. Shows and events have overtime yielded and it is still a means of making money in the state. Plateau has all it takes to lead in the Nigerian entertainment circle